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DJ Fritos

Adrian Arellano 31, known as DJ FRITOZ grew up in La Puente CA, started djin house parties in the late 2000’s San Gabriel Valley scene. Then graduated to clubs in in the early 2010’s . With over 14 years of experience .As being part of the last generation of millennials who were fortunate to still experience djin with Vinyl & CD’s. DJ FRITOZ has a respect for the art and struggle of the old school way. Now an all-around versatile DJ with experience with turntables, cdjs and controllers and even video mixing. DJ FRITOZ will have your event popping in no time. Being an open format DJ, he is not shy about stepping out of his element in playing multiple different genres of music. DJ FRITOZ loves getting on the mic and getting his crowd involved by feeding off their energy and having fun while still being professional in his craft.

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