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DJ Logic

His love and passion for the music started when he was just a little boy growing up with his mother and all the different styles of music he came to acknowledge and appreciate. Got his first turntables in 8th grade and that was the start. Anything he could get his hands on to mix music that was him. If it was one turntable and a regular CD player he would make it happen. A people pleaser for sure and loves to see the crowd stay dancing and moving. In high school he was djing every weekend doing house parties. After making a name for himself he continued to grow and build on his music and dj experience with over 20 years in the game. Always looking to stay ahead of the competition and with some edge, he continues to create dj sets to take the audience on a music roller coaster going through songs from different styles to make this memorable journey, taking you back to old memories with songs that remind you of good times. With his open format style and ability to play any genre and find creative ways to blend and mix them together anyone and everyone can enjoy.

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