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DJ Vic

Victor Ruiz 


I was born in El Salvador and brought to the USA when I was 14 years old. I grew up listening and dancing to cumbia, merengue and salsa. In my teen years I got introduced to, bachata, punta, regional mexicano and hip hop. My interest in djing begun when I saw my uncle playing. He used to have a full Disco Mobile and play for huge corporations like the Coca-Cola company. I used to be the lighting and fog machine controller guy. 


I began to dj back in 2002, I used to practice on my uncles Old CD players and mixers. He also taught me how to play with vinyl turn tables. It used to be a hobby until 2006 when I bought my own set of CDJs. I moved into video deejay and controllers a few years ago. I’ve been playing at private events, including corporate and several club venues. 


With over 14 years of experience, I’m a professional dj that focus on providing top quality sound, lighting and play open format music. In other words, I play any genre or what you ask for. I live in Los Angeles and service all around Southern California, the farthest I’ve ever gone to perform is Vegas.


In addition, I support this great organization (DGB) dancers giving back. We do social dancing events and fun activities to collect goods and donations to help those in need. I've also been involve coaching youth soccer teams and patronized school dances to collect funds in the OC

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